Custom Wood Shadow Boxes for Bibles, Books and Personal Collections

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Custom wood shadowbox, shadow boxes, and flagbox displays by Greg Seitz Woodworking, Dayton, Ohio

Custom Wood Shadow Boxes and Flag Display Cases


Greg Seitz Woodworking   Dayton, Ohio  

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custom shadow box displays hand made chess pieces


Custom made wood shadow boxes are a great way to display and protect Bibles, Books, Collections and Family Heirlooms. Wood boxes for personal collections are a great way to frame items suitable for display, and make great gifts for Corporate Recognitions and Retirements. Choose from our stock selection or create a custom size.  Fabrics to match your decor will make a truely lasting personal gift that holds  pins, game pieces, trophies, weapons, Musical instruments, or what ever you can think of .  Solid Wood Display cases for  jewelry are perfect for craft show displays. They are durable and will draw attention to your product.

Here are a few samples of my work.  If you have questions, contact me.    

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Collectible books and Memorabilia

A custom sized red oak display box holds a collectible book of Sigfried and Roy photos and memorabilia.  The box is lined with burgundy fabric and contains the book within its own frame inside the box.  The book itself measures 16x13x3.  The box was designed to sit on a table, but can also be wall mounted.  February 2012

custom sized box for collectable books
shadow box for pocket watches and family heirlooms

Family Display Case

We made a pair of small shadow boxes to display these heirloom items.  Our customer decided on ivory fabric as the background color to show off these vintage pocket watches and family photos.  March 2012

Lifelong Memories

A custom sized walnut shadow box holds the hand made Italian Wedding Album The interior of the box is fully padded on the interior, and leaves enough room for fingers to retrieve the picture book.

bible box, photo box and shadow boxes for displays

Funky Beach Scene

It's cold in Ohio, but this makes me feel like spring is not too far off.  The box contains real star fish and a cool fabric back

laser engraved box for artisan knives
laser engraved box for artisan knives

Custom Box for Custom Knives

This cherry case was made to hold a set of Artisan made knives.  The set was made by Powell Swanser.  The Knives are held securely in place using magnets hidden under the fabric liner.  The larger blade is approx. 16" long. The laser engraving was done by our friends at Laser Wolf engraving.

Retiring Physician

Custom sized case holds a first edition book  explaining treatments for injuries during the Civil War.  The cherry case holds the book securely with foam surrounding the book's perimeter.  the book is also suppurted on the bottom by a cherry shelf.  The case was presented to  a Trauma Center Physician for his retirement.

presentation box for medical retirement

Zombie Smackdown

Kill the most Zombies and win!  The Monster Match is an Annual Event at a firearms training center in Florida.

custom oak shadow box for a memorial motorcycle ride

Annual Events

16x16 red oak shadow box with dividers. 

This case was made to display pins given to participants in an annual Memorial Motorcycle ride.

defending the world from the zombie hords with custom made wood shadow boxes


Concert Collectable

We custom sized this walnut shadow box to display a drum head signed by the Dave Mathews Band

The drum head is glued in place.

custom shadow box displays hand made chess pieces

Out of the Closet

Our customer found these hand painted chess pieces in her closet.  They were a gift from a friend, and she had kept them safely hidden away for 30 years.  She finaly opted to show them off and We built this case for a wall display

Antique Violin

We created a custom mounting bracket to hold the violin gently but securely to the back of this walnut shadow box

custom wood shadow box for antique musical instruments

Wine and Beer Stopper Boxes

Here was a unique Father's Day Gift. Our customers are Beer Aficionados. They wanted a box to display bottle caps of the various beers they have sampled. The 16x16 box will hold quite a few caps and sports an applied vinyl cut out of a pilsner glass and the recipient's initials. This box is hinged, but for purposes such as this we can cut a hole in the top of the box allowing you to simply drop your bottle cap or wine stopper in!

shadow box for bottle caps


custom shadow box for airforce retirement
Shadowbox for Airforce Navigator retirement

wood shadow boxes for eagle scouts, boy scouts, cub scouts and girl scouts
Weathered Cedar Shadow Box for Eagle Scouts and Scouting

flag stands and display case shadow boxes in dayton,oh

shadow box for wrestling varsity letter

retirement gift for a police officer

shadow boxes for books,bibles and personal items

The Things We Make
Just For Fun

continuous track engraved cribbage boards
Custom wood shadowbox, shadow boxes, and flagbox displays by Greg Seitz Woodworking, Dayton, Ohio

Custom Wood Shadow Boxes and Flag Display Cases


Greg Seitz Woodworking   Dayton, Ohio  

937-626-8771 9am-7pm est


Not in Dayton?  We'll ship anywhere!

Wood shadow box for Dave Mathews Band concert memorabilia

Concert Memorabilia 


This is a custom sized Walnut shadow box displaying a drum head

autographed by the Dave Matthews Band. Our stock 16x16 box was just a bit too small

 to hold it, so I made it an inch and a half bigger in each direction.  The collector could not

find a box to fit this in retail stores.


red oak shadow box diplays chess pieces

Stuff in the Closet

Custom sized red oak case.  Our client had stored these hand painted chess pieces in her closet for 30 years.  While they appear to have held up well there, the Chess men more appropriately displayed in this shadow box.  The box and shelves were sized to precicely fit the game pieces.  The background fabric is burgundy.

boxes and cases for musical instruments

Dad's Violin

Custom sized to hold the bow.  This walnut case holds the recipient's Father's violin. I did have to create the mounting mechanism for the violin which rotates to fit and securely hold the violin in place without marring the finish.

custom wood wine case for a marine event

Special Events

This pair of custom sized red oak shadow boxes were made for a group of U.S. Marines, many of them WWII veterans for their annual meeting.   The large open area will contain a bronze replica of the Iwo Jima Memorial statue, along with a brass plaque.


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